Sustainable Certifications

H2Engineering is committed to sustainable design practices from both a design professional’s and owner’s perspective. Our standard practice is promoting sustainable design on all of our projects, whether attempting LEED certification or not. Our commitment has impacted not only our every day work environment and the people that work in it, but also our neighbors and the community around us. Our experience with the LEED process is more than just general knowledge; we understand how it works.

Our firm has been a member of the USGBC since 2005 and currently has 5 LEED APs on our staff. Our own headquarters was awarded the first LEED Gold certification in Tallahassee. H2Engineering has gained valuable experience on LEED projects from serving as designers, LEED APs, commissioning authorities, and as an owner. We understand your objectives and the challenges you are faced with in achieving them. Our personal investment into our own facility exemplifies H2Engineering’s dedication to a sustainable built environment.


We take pride in the fact that we have worked on some of the most energy efficient buildings in the region. Whether it is the under floor air distribution system at the LEED Gold Certified Department of Revenue buildings, the state-of-the-art data center for the Leon County/City of Tallahassee Joint Public Saftey Complex, the chilled beams at FSU’s LEED Gold Johnson Building, the thermal energy storage system at the LEED Gold First District Court of Appeal building, the “Net-Zero” Leon County Sustainable Demonstration Center, or any of the other innovative projects we have engineered, energy efficiency is always a priority.

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