Engineering Studies / Reports

Our clients rely on us to anticipate and resolve problems, present reliable data, meet schedules and budgets, and impart clear communication. In serving our clients, there is always a need for solid information upon which to base decisions.

Utilizing our breadth of engineering and planning experience, H2Engineering performs studies and evaluations to provide our clients with the necessary documentation to make informed decisons. Tailored to fit your needs, these reports include engineering investigations, feasibility studies, and reviews for code compliance and non-conforming uses such as fire and life-safety, ADA, etc.

Our interests lie only in helping our clients resolve their problems with the most cost effective solution that meets their needs. We investigate the root of the problems, rather than simply looking at the obvious superficial issues, so that whatever solutions are proposed are the ones that best meet your needs.


  • Existing Condition Survey of Building Systems
  • Engineering Analysis & Recommendations
  • Feasibility Evaluations of Proposed Projects
  • Code Studies
  • Construction Cost Estimates
  • Economic Analysis – Life Cycle Costing
  • Energy Modeling